A British Love Story

As the majestic love story of Lola & Darcy unravels, so too does the charm of each of our bespoke scents. Enjoy our selection of candles, reed diffusers & room sprays all handmade in England.

The Lola Collection

We are excited to introduce three new feminie and floral scents as part of our Lola Collection 2022/23.

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  • The Story

    Merging the sophistication of Lola with Darcy’s naturally classic English gentleman style a new product is born with each chapter of their love story. Our team sources the inspirations so that they can be captured in a beautiful gift for you and your loved ones. Follow the Lola & Darcy love story.

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  • Why Soy Wax?

    Our soy wax is 100% GM free and contains no pesticides or herbicides. Not only is soy wax eco-friendly, it also has excellent fragrance holding qualities, as well as being longer lasting and cleaner burning than the conventional paraffin wax candles.

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  • Our Fragrances

    We are often asked; How do you make your candles smell so good? Well, that's our trade secret! However, we can share that we have a carefully selected design team researching and developing fragrances to test its performance meet our high standards and produces the great smells you enjoy.

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