Chapter 1: How The Love Story Started

How the story started |


Our story begins on a sunny autumn afternoon on Berkeley Street, London. Darcy, a stunning vision of a man; tall, dark, handsome, and blessed with dashing good looks, mystical eyes and an aura of wealth and power. Enjoyed a quick business meeting at the trendy Nobu restaurant, staff couldn't help but notice the admiring stares and comments from the surrounding punters. Darcy had all of London's successful men wanting to be him, and socialite females wanting to wed him. 


As he took his first bite into his salmon tart with caviar, he was distracted by a sudden overwhelming female fragrance. A cross between Roja Dove’s Innuendo Pour Femme and Chanel No 5. Mouth still full, he looked up to see where this captivating fragrance was coming from. At that moment, it was as though the fates had contrived to set a vision of beauty before him – he came face to face with Lola. At this point it was unknown to them both that this chance meeting would change the course of their lives forever. 


As the waiter seated Lola at the table next to Darcy’s, he couldn't help but stare. Darcy was instantly captivated by her beauty, pear smile and gracefulness. He was compelled to introduce himself, "Hello, I am Darcy“, he said reaching out his hand. Lola looked up, smiled and took his hand. "Hello, Darcy" she replied.

5 hours later | the story


5 hours later.... 


After non-stop talking, laughing and flirting over glasses of chilled champagne, Lola and Darcy felt that they had known each other for a life time. Darcy didn’t care that his missed his afternoon meeting and Lola was thoroughly enjoying Darcy's stories. 


Lola learnt that this charming man had at some point in his life studied at the same London Art University as herself, enjoyed interior design and was surprisingly a fan of; “Only Fools and Horses”, which she found most amusing. Darcy had a very affectionate way about him, he felt drawn to hold Lola's hand as he entertained her with funny childhood stories and secrets about himself that he never felt comfortable sharing before. "Lola, I can't believe I‘m sharing all these with you, you really amaze me" stated Darcy. Lola looked up at him with a cheeky smile. Before she could reply, the waiter interrupted them; "I'm sorry sir, madam, we are closing for the day". Darcy and Lola looked up at the waiter, both in shock. For them, time had stopped. 


"Lola, in the most respectful way possible, would you like to finish our chat over coffee at my flat?" asked Darcy. Lola laughed. "Are you trying to get me into your bed, Darcy??" replied Lola in a playful manner. 


It was obvious Lola was enjoying Darcy’s company and they both could feel a connection which was threatening to burst at the seams. Lola didn't want the night and the experience to end; she had already started visualising their honeymoon and first child. 

"I have captivated scents throughout my apartment that all have a story of represent a memory, I would like to share with you my scented memories." Darcy replied

And so it began... 4 weeks later


And so it began… 4 weeks later 


Darcy's used his right foot to slam the door of his trendy Central London flat shut, while his hands were clasped round Lola's cheeks with his fingers wrapped in her soft curled hair. Their lips were glued together as they both passionately kissed and at the same time, Darcy slowly guided her to his queen-sized bed. Darcy's bedroom was gorgeous; beautiful French doors that opened out onto beautiful views of Central London. The walls were painted a light grey, complementing a large Chandelier that sparkled off a Baroque mirror. The room was spacious and elegantly furnished, with a velvet chaise-lounge placed at the end of the four poster bed, opposite mahogany-matching wardrobes and chest of drawers. As Lola felt her head hit the duvet neatly covering Darcy’s bed, she felt like she had landed on a pile of goose feathers. She looked into Darcy’s eyes and allowed herself to get lost in their passion. While he kissed her slowly from her forehead down her arms and around her ankles, she imagined herself sipping tea on a Sunday morning with Darcy, while admiring the views of London. Lola closed her eyes again, allowing herself to get lost in Darcy's kisses once more. As Darcy starred into Lola's eyes, he knew from that moment onwards that she was the one for him. Everything about her was perfect; her grace, her passion, her personality, her scent.


London had finally delivered him his soul mate.