Chapter 2: A trip to Balmoral

Chapter 2... Balmoral lola darcy london


The whirlwind of emotions experienced by Lola and Darcy in the past few months had impacted their relationship to a degree where Lola knew that change must come. Not long after midnight, while Darcy was asleep, Lola was listening to one of her favourite soundtracks “Hymn to the sea”. Starring at her laptop, Lola knew that she can no longer be trapped in the affairs of the heart and for once reason must rule over her feelings. It was now time to look past London, the city where her soulmate stole her heart irrevocably.


If there was ever something to inspire Lola, that was music, she was powerless when music and Darcy were in the same equation. Immersed in the beauty of sound, her thoughts drifted away, dreaming of a new beginning, a different kingdom, outside the boredom installed in their lives. She always planned to go to Scotland with Darcy, to visit those beautiful castles and get lost in those breath-taking landscapes…or in each other.

She booked the weekend at the Old Town Chambers in Edinburgh, a 14th century townhouse filled with history where she planned to rekindle with Darcy and create new memories.

Arrived at the hotel, in their room, Lola takes out a candle; it is her little trick to make every place feel like home. For her, every candle is linked to a story, heart-warming memories or hope(s) for a better future. Sea Salt and Sage Wood is very special to her heart, the notes of sage and grapefruit enriched by bergamot and tangerine is the tonic she needs in her relationship with Darcy, whereas the cool breeze and fresh ozone inspire her to dream of a new chapter, where love overcomes all.


By the time she lights the candle gracefully, Darcy is already captivated with Lola. His eyes are following her everywhere through the room with interest and appreciation. He cannot contain his smile, and certainly he cannot take his eyes off her. With courage, he exclaims: “This is indeed the best place to burn candles. The mystery of this place, kissing you at candle light…there is nothing I wish more right now”.


To which Lola replies: “What are you waiting for then?” they both laugh, share a kiss, make themselves comfortable and go out to explore the surroundings, before pretending to be Queen Mary and Lord Darnley at the Edinburgh Castle. You see, both Lola and Darcy share a passion for history and music.

Lola & Darcy wander through the castle chapter 2... Balmoral

While they wonder through the castle, saddened by the misfortune of Mary Queen of Scots, Lola is reminded how blessed she is to have Darcy in her life. ‘If only you knew how much I love you Darcy’, she tells herself while she grabs his hand gently and whispers ‘Let’s go home’.


Back at the hotel, Lola is anxious to share something very dear to her heart with Darcy as she kindly asks him to sit down while she takes out another candle from her luggage.


Darcy looks surprised and smiles with expectation.


‘You see my darling, this Marylebone candle is very precious to me, whenever I burn it, I feel like I travel back in time to the day where you gave me the first rose.’ She pauses, lights the candle and continues: ‘Remember that pink velvet rose you offered me on our first date? Well… I kept it safe, is dry now, gently wrapped in a map of London with a mark on the street where you gave it to me. I had it framed, because I want to remember that day for the rest of my life. ‘


At this point, Darcy is completely lost in her eyes, he gets one step closer to her, places his hands around her waist and whispers to her ear ‘Oh Lola, as the light burns on this candle, so does my love for you. And yes, this candle smells just as that pink velvet rose I gave you. I have come all the way to Scotland, looking for kings and queens, when I already have one in my arms. Your passion sings out the beauty of your soul Lola.

lola darcy london chapter 2... Balmoral

 Lola is flooded by emotions, but this time they are in sync with reason and the affairs of the heart have equalled the affairs of the mind in the most unpredictable way. She had now realised she never lost the king of her heart, but sometimes we need to light a candle to see clearly; only light can cast out darkness.

Written By Elizabeth Sandor


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