Chapter 4: Truly. Madly. Deeply. truly. madly. deeply


Lola gazed out the balcony window, she was completely enthralled by the view before her. Snow in London was such a rarity that it almost seemed magical enough to redeem the Christmas spirit. However, March had mysteriously crept in with the anticipation of Mother’s Day just around the corner. It hadn’t been long since Lola had moved in with Darcy and relished the cosy yet chic feel her new home had, taking special delight in the touches of his and hers subtly placed around the apartment.

As Lola settled in to the corner of their large grey Natuzzi sofa, she savoured the surrounding aroma of her Balmoral candle, the woody sage note was particularly noticeable on this cold dreary afternoon. The candle flickered away peacefully at the centre of their glass coffee table highlighting the joy of Lola and Darcy’s smile in the photo frame placed next to it.

Lost in thought, Lola didn't notice Darcy come into the room. He jolted her by surprise as he sat down on the sofa next to her. He could see she was in a trance whilst he nudged her playfully.

“Come back to me please.” Lola laughed bringing her concentration back to the present moment, and noticed Darcy had come bearing gifts. Instantly knowing who these gifts were for, she watched him place them on the coffee table. They had both decided to present their respective mothers with a gift symbolising their love and sentiment, a scented candle with significance. Darcy was meticulous when it came to gifts, something Lola particularly loved about him. He had the wrapping paper at the ready accompanied with a contagious energy of enthusiasm for their afternoon activity of gift wrapping. Leaning into the coffee table, Lola pulled her Mother’s Day gift towards her with excitement. Her choice; the Norfolk Lavender gift set. Not only because lavender was her mother’s favourite scent but because for Lola the candle symbolised home. She picked up the candle carefully, holding it close she took in the beautiful scent. The strong nodes of Lavender instantly transported Lola back to her childhood home situated in the beautiful suburbs of Norfolk. Lola surprisingly found herself feeling a little nostalgic, she missed not visiting her mother as often back at her family home but felt her spirits lifted with her gift of choice.

Darcy on the other hand seemed to be in a much more cheery and cheeky mood. Since Lola had moved in with him, she had noticed how much of a positive effect it had had on Darcy. His moods appeared lighter and more relaxed despite there being no improvement in his long and tiresome working hours. Darcy had chosen two candles to gift his mother, one his favourite scent of all, Balmoral. And the other, Lola loves Fresh Linen. Darcy had grown up in Yorkshire. Although he had had a very privileged childhood compared to most, his childhood had been mostly spent exploring the corners of beautiful countryside surrounding his family estate. He may be a man of the big city now, but at heart he was still a country boy with a fine love for the simple pleasures of life. Darcy cherished this scent for its power of captivation and reminiscence.

Appearing quite pleased with his gift-wrapping skills Darcy turned to Lola with a smug smile,

“It appears I have a hidden skill.” Darcy’s smile grew wider as he grinned at Lola.” I wouldn't go that far now” Lola replied with a giggle as she showed off her present so beautifully wrapped. Darcy couldn't conceal his frown, almost looking disappointed at his attempts compared to Lola. Their playfulness with each other was one of the most endearing elements of their relationship and it was simply doing things like this together that made Lola’s new home feel like their home where they would make memories of their own.


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