Chapter 3: Will Darcy Make It Home For Christmas?

Lola waiting for Darcy illustration

"Lola!" A well spoken male voice screamed as Lola entered her favourite Christmas decoration shop on London's Kings Road. "Hi Jeffery, Merry Christmas Eve" Lola replies as Jeffery greets her with two air kisses

"Merry Christmas Eve to you too, Cold enough for you?" Jeffery jest as he takes Lola's coat and shakes off the last remaining snow flakes from the London snow that was slowly starting to settle. Lola smiled, and before she could reply and continue her's and Jeffery's annual banter she found herself instantly captivated by his new display of 1987 gold Christmas ornaments. One of the trinkets impartially caught her eye but before she could take a closer look she was interrupted again by her vibrating phone. It was a FaceTime call from Darcy, she swipes the phone screen, raises the screen to ensure Darcy got her best angle and started to softly fluff up her hair with her fingers while the call connected.



Darcy coming home for Christmas

 "Hi Beautiful" Darcy's voice gave Lola instant butterflies. "Hello my love" she replied. "I'm getting the last few Christmas decorations for the tree." Darcy had been sent on a last minute business trip over Christmas and the earliest flight back was New Year's Day. Lola had prepared herself for a Christmas alone, but that didn't stop her decorating her home, purchasing an 8ft Christmas tree and filling her London apartment with a selection of festive candle fragrances.

"I am missing you terribly" Darcy continued "why do I have to be separated from someone whom I love so much?" Darcy whispered as he laid back into the pillow of his hotel bed, deflated and frustrated to be so far away from home and Lola at the most wonderful time of the year. He cleared his voice and said "Lola, I am never leaving London without you again" Lola giggled as she strolled around the shop looking for a quiet place. "Darcy, that is less than practical" she replied, although she completely agreed. "I will make it practical" Darcy said firmly. "I love you" Lola said

"I love...." the FaceTime video froze and disconnected before Darcy could finish his sentence.

Lola disappointedly placed her phone back in her hand bag and picked up one of the intricate gold ornaments that previously caught her eye before Darcy's phone call.

The ornament was a small gold horse, strong and defined with a stature that reminded her of Darcy. This made her reminisce about the last time she and Darcy went out of town.

She instantly remembered the scent of dark cocoa and a burning wood fire. Lola shouts "I'll take this one, Jeff" as she walks over to the till!

Jeff gently wraps the gold ornament and wishes Lola a very merry Christmas as she braces herself for the snowy London evening.

Lola returns home, slips into her favourite loungewear and hangs her new Christmas decoration on the tree, pride of place for everyone to see.

As Lola finishes her Christmas wrapping, she remembers she's saved the best until last, her present to Darcy.

She gently wraps the Windsor Blue candle she bought for him, the scent of Chypre an intense blend of oak moss, grapefruit, orange and benzoin fills the air. Lola sighs, pours herself a glass of prosecco and lights the last hour of her favourite Christmas candle, Prosecco Memoirs, a sweet blend of clementine and Italian sparkling wine.

Lola puts her feet up and tries to FaceTime Darcy and it's fails to connect. She the tries to call but it goes straight to voicemail. Deflated, she lays her head onto her cashmere cushion and before she knew it drifted off and began dreaming about spending Christmas with Darcy.

"BANG BANG BANG" Lola jumps up, shaken by the aggressive knock at the door. As she pulls herself back to reality, she noticed her candle had burnt out and the scent had dissipated from the air.

As Lola walks to the door, she suspects it's her lovely next door neighbour with her annual Christmas card and home made mince pies!

She opens the door and to her absolute surprise there was Darcy, the love of her life, her reason for being, her soul mate and best friend standing in front of her with her favourite Christmas candle 'Prosecco Memoirs' - he had made it home for Christmas!


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